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Producing: Welcome

Growing up in the theater, I learned early on about the power of a story to make the audience feel a little less alone. Producing is storytelling at its core. As a Partner with the Back Room Shakespeare Project, I have produced more than 35 immersive theater events all over Chicago and New York City. I produced and directed a long running Star Trek themed burlesque show. I've produced a series of videos for BRIC’s series “Actually, No” and am a proud member of their television and podcast producer community.


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Producing: Performances

Storytelling is an important part of my life both as a member of improv ensembles and a Moth GrandSLAM winner. Producing is the natural intersection and extension of my creative and business sides. Working on a production with other committed people is inspiring. When I see events, shows, or video come together in a beautiful and collaborative way, I feel the collective power of a calling that allows me to do more than just tell my own story.

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